Little M Design: Start Small, Grow Big.

The Little m Design Team

Little m Design partners with vendors, graphic design, sales, marketing and business growth professionals, to bring you a complete web team, just a phone call or email away.

Founded in 2009. Little m Design grew out of volunteer efforts to help non-profit organizations and small businesses. These clients form the basis of Little m Design's audience. Little m Design is reaching out to a broader base of clients through more advanced services such as content management and web based marketing services.

Driven by the need to learn and grow. Little m Design is constantly incorporating the latest tools and technologies, both commercial and Open Source. Having great web features and big value doesn't have to come with a big price tag.

The spirit to constantly grow and evolve also means that your web site will not be left behind in the digital grave yard as technology evolves. With Little m Design you get more than a one-time solution, you get a web site that can grow with you and the web.

Little m Design was founded by Michael Garvin. Michael has decades of combined Unix, C++, Java and other web based technology experience. Michael is not dwelling on the past though; as new languages, tools, and frameworks come along, they applied wherever they can create value for you.

When Michael is not busy coding, you can find him out on Ottawa's cycling paths, on inline skates, training for competition. The same drive to be at the top of his speed skating game, is brought to Little m Design, and to your web site. Michael wants your web site to stand out and help your small business be seen in a big way.