Little M Design: Start Small, Grow Big.


Talize is a great example of how a low cost off-the-shelf Content Management System (CMS) like Wordpress can be used to build a modern and competitive corporate website at minimal cost. Normally a corporate CMS would require an investment of $10-$20K to build from the ground up. By leveraging Wordpress and its eco-system of low cost pluins, and filling in requirements gaps, rather than reinventing the whole, a corporate CMS can be had for $2-$5K...a significant savings for the client!

With Talize we took a stock Wordpress installation injected it with maximum social networking; live feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Along with direct integration with Constant Contact to improve newsletter effectiveness. These extensions followed the Wordpress standards for creating plugins, and were naturally integrated into the Wordpress Admin Panel, so that the client could configure/deploy the features without needing to bring the web developer back for each change. Again, a significant cost savings for the client.

But we didn't stop there! Talize also needed a job board, so we beefed up Wordpress again, with a Custom Post Type (CPT) which allows you to extend the kind of postings Wordpress can handle; by creating a Job CPT, were able to to then easily create a jobs board, with fun animation, that allowed the client to add/remove/edit job posting at will, just like any regular Wordpress posting...all without having to involve teh web developer again. More savings for the client!

At Little m Design we understand that budgets matter, but so does quality, and customer impact. By finding the right mix of off the shelf software and one-time (but extensible) customization; we can create web sites that won't blow your budget but will impress your customers.

Custom plugins for social feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

custom plugin/widgets for Constant Contact integration

Customer Relationship Management systems.

Constant Contact integration.

Complete and custom theme for Wordpress.

Custom Post Type for slides, allowing easy banner updates.

Custom Post Type for jobs, allowing easy job board updates.

Graphic Design partner: Andrew Hegarty