Little M Design: Start Small, Grow Big.


From DIY to fully engineered corporate systems, Little m Design brings confidence to your next CMS.

What is CMS?

As a web site grows, so does it value.

That value can be become locked away behind outdated links, stale content and poor reachability. When your web site involves more than just a few pages, you need to think about managing your content a little more formally. This can be done with a Content Management System or "CMS". A CMS will help you retain and grow the value of your web site as it scales up.

Little m Design is an expert at creating purpose built CMS solutions that have helped other businesses reach they're full potential. Commercial CMS solutions can cost $10-$30K, Little m Design can bring a CMS to market for you in under $5K, and sometimes even under $2K. Little m Design will be there for you, when you need support, when you want to transition to another system, or build out further.

At Little m Design we firmly believe in the power of open source to allow you to leverage cheap, off the shelf components to spend less time coding a solution, and more time actually solving, and solving faster. If an open source solution like Joomla or Silver Stripe is right for you, we'll drop in one of these FREE pre-made CMS solutions, and then work with you to configure it to your needs or customize and extend it where needed, to integrate with other web sites, or software you may be using.

This focus on integration over re-invention saves you time, money and brings your vision to market sooner. Getting mired down in the details of an overly complex CMS is the last thing you need when staring down the barrel of a fiscal deadline. Let us help you succeed faster, without being painted into a corner.

Maximizing Value

When moving to the web, your business may need only a little power under the hood, or it may need a lot. Choose your CMS approach to match your budget and desired goals:

Do It Yourself (DIY) - If you are a micro business, or simply want to setup a personal website, blog or basic e-Store, then you don't necessarily need to hire a web team. Most moder hosting providers provide tools and templates for users to "drop in" quick build web sites.

Such websites won't be 100% exactly to your preference, they are based mainly on pre-built styles and templates. They may not have all the advanced features of other approaches, but if you just want to get stated quickly with minimal cost, this may be the right choice for you.

Little m Design can offer training and kickstarter consulting to help you ramp up quickly, but if you have some spare time, some web surfing on popular hosting sites such as iWeb, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Netfirms etc. should get you started. Good hunting!

If you would like Little m Design to help you get started with a basic website, contact us for more details. We have small business starter packages that jump start you imediately with a Domain-to-index-page kit, with minimal cost to you.

Off the shelf CMS - Using off the shelf CMS systems like Wordpress or Joomla, can take your site to the next level. Instead of wasting time copying similar changes from page to page on your site, you can make the change once, and it ripples through your entire site, regardless of size. Most modern off the shelf CMS systems are easy to learn and use.

However, as a business owner your time is needed elsewhere, should you really be focused on web content when you should be bringing in the next customer? The best balance of value and your time, is to choose an off the shelf CMS, but bring in a web team to make customizations, integrate plugins to tie your site to other sites, social networks, customer relationship management systems, etc.

Enriching your off the shelf CMS is critical to bringing your business vision into sharp focus and communicating exactly what you want to your cusotmers. These kinds of projects typically involve 10-20 technical hours, and 10-15 graphic design hours, for fine tuning your chosen CMS, doing integration work, and working with a graphic designer to make sure you are visualliy on track.

When budgeting for this kind of mid-level project, you should set aside $2-3K. Costs can often be far less, but its a good idea to leave room for additional costs on top of the web team, such as hosting services, email/marketing, backups etc.

Because your CMS is not in a vacume, and needs support of many other services, you must again strike a balance on where to spend your time. Little m Design can be your concierge; we will handle the details, sourcing your domains, connecting/securing servers, establishing email, integrating your site with other sites, etc. You can then focus on whats important - growing your business.

Custom CMS - Every business has different needs, but when it comes to being absolutely sure your customers are getting the best possible experience, you need a purpose built CMS. Off the shelf systems are intended to serve basic and intermediate needs. When you start adding applications to your site or grow your Enterprise IT eco-system, you need to have all options on the table...not simply what came in the box.

With nearly 20 years of technical experience, Little m Design doesn't just bring skill to the table, we bring confidence. Your servers will be secure, your servers will perform, and your CMS will satisfy your customers. At this level of CMS, we don't just code JavaScript add-ons for you, we engineer your web experiece from domain name to nightly-backup.

If your business if focused on growing your web or IT systems to Enterprise class, contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. When budgeting for a custom CMS, you should set aside a minimum of $10K and expect development time to be a minimum 4-6 months. These systems require much more in depth work, not just by the web development team, or graphic designer, but by you...the business owner. Once your new CMS is ready, is your sales team ready to make full use of it? Do your customers know about it? Be sure to budget for more time than just the technical implementation.