Little M Design: Start Small, Grow Big.


Your small business doesn’t have to succeed small. Get sharp designs, and find out how we can help you grow.

Reach out to more customers with rich content, micro, semi-custom, custom web sites.

We'll work with you to carve your vision into a website that connects with customers and allows you to grow seamlessly.

Little m Design brings over 15 years of industry experience to the table. We take your business seriously, your success is our success. Why choose us? -

  • Hackers take your website's security seriously, and so does Little m Design. We'll make sure your site or server is hardened to meet your business needs.

  • Helping you be a smarter customer; Little m Design won't just help you get it done, got questiosn? We've got answers! We will always take the time to make sure you have not only a fair assessment, but a genuine understanding of why. More informed customers make smarter choices.

  • We understand that small businesses need to start small, but also need to be flexible. Our approach is Agile. We'll work with you to always take the next small step that imediately moves you closer to your goals. We'll never make you wait months on end, for a deliverable.


Little m Design offers a broad spectrum of web related features that can be applied to your web site.

From personal spaces, to corporate content management, Little m Design can partner with you from the ground up, to scale out your business and to give you the technical certainty you need to make it happen.

Whether you just need some touch ups to a personal site, system administration, a PHP or Java expert for a few hours, technical evaluation, or up front architectureal design, Little m Design is here for you. With over 15 years of industry experience Little m Design focuses not just on how to get it done, but how to get it done cost effectively and on time. At Little m Design we don't just want your business, we want your success to be our success.

Basic or "static" web sites, that don't involve a lot of scripting, or customization, and are essentially a few pages of textual content, or a drop in package like Word press, can typically be setup within a few hours. We won't charge you for basic setup of your site, or dropping in software package such as Joomla. However, if you would like us to help with customization, configuration etc, that work will fall under normal webmastering rates.

Intermediate and advanced webs sites, that involve working up a custom content management system, marketing compaigns or integrating with other web sites, e-Commerce and payment gateways, membership systems, databases and software, require substatntially more time to complete. You should expect upwards of 50hrs.

Graphic Design

First impression are everything, and communicating your value concisely and imediately is critical.

Its not enough to have a website, you're small business needs a website that imediately stands above the crowd, and brings you traffic. Little m Design incorporates basic and intermediate graphic design into webamstering, and this allows us to offer you a one stop shop for your web site build out, and do it with great production values.

Graphic design work encompasses, web site layout, page design, graphic/visual element work up, logo/identity designs, Flash based animations, online brochures, and business cards. Little m Design also allows you incorporate existing visual assets, or elements you choose from stock photo or template libraries.

Should you already have a graphic designer, we are happy to work with them. Little m Design employes standard graphic design tools and formats, and can easily work with your graphic designer to translate existing designs and assets into your web site.

For high end work, Little m Design can connect you with more experienced graphic designers. We will then work with them to bring your graphic investment to life on your web site.


Little m Design is in business to serve small business. We have priced our services to be very competitive.

In some cases your costs can be halved by working with Little m Design. Little m Design will always try to save you money, we understand that money not spent here is money you can invest in your furture success.

Development / IT Support $60/hr
Graphic Design $80/hr
High Priority work/support $100/hr

Standard Priority - most webmastering and graphic design work will be completed with in 7-14 days of work start. If significant delays are anticipated, we will always keep you informed. Little m Design is Agile; we believe strongly that there is always a small next step towards your success that we can take imediately. So you always see progress, you always see success!

Work done in the scope of standard priority is normally given support via email. Email based support is typically very fast, but if you feel more comfortable having a direct line, consider our high priority option below.

High Priority work/support - if you are at a critical state in deploying your production environment, the last thing you want is to be left stranded with no technical backup. For times when its truely mission critical, we can jump you to the head of the queue, and your deliverables will get our highest priority.

High Priority work is usually completed imediately, or at least started, within a few hours. you will also have direct cell phone access to a technical resource (on call) and we'll work with you to ensure the road ahead is smooth.