Little M Design: Start Small, Grow Big.


Is your sucess tied to a PC under someone's desk? We can apply nearly 20 years of Unix application development and administration experience to reduce the risk.

On Demand Expertise

Kickstarting your first small business? Need some extra muscle on your team? Little m Design brings confidence to the table.

When you need experienced help but need it on demand, you can count on Little m Design. With affordable hourly rates, nearly 20 years of Unix applicaiton development and support experience, we can help you break through road blocks before your project is derailed.

Contact us today for a quick quote, or if you have some questions. If a quick pointer to a DIY resource is all you need, we'll be happy to get you moving in the right direction.

No Hassle Hardware

As a business owner you want to know you are not at risk.

Finding the right hardware for your budget should not take priority over getting your next customer. Little m Design can source all the hardware you need, making sure that you not only have the right hardware for your budget, but that it comes from a reliable provider.

Are your mission critical applications still hosted on a PC under someone's desk? Modern 3rd party hosting has evolved to the point where you can select from wide variety of safe and secure computing options. Whethor you just need a simple static website, a low cost Virtual Private Server (VPS), on demand cloud computing or a maximum power dedicated server, we can help you find the right hosting package to suit your budget.

Static sites - When budgeting for hosted infrastructure, static websites are virtually free; there are some nominal monthly or yearly costs, but simple, static hosted content is practically free (after some initial setup fees). Sites hosted on Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) such as Amazon Cloud/S3, can literally cost pennies per month.

Serving dynamic pages - If you need a website that uses off the shelf Content Management Sytems (CMS), or uses PHP or ColdFusion (dynamic content), at minimum you will need a VPS hosting package or a cloud computing option. Costs change with the market, but generally you should expect to pay $50-$100 per month for Lights on Support (LOS). Be Careful, VPS and basic cloud computing options usually mean you are sharing CPU and disk with other customers...cheaper doesn't mean faster web sites!

Got applications? When working with applications and database backed user interactions, you will need more power under the hood. Slow web sites are highly effective at turning away potential customers. When budgeting for application servers, you should generally allow for $200-$500 per month, depending on market pricing and what additional features you are looking for.

Whatever hardware you need, Little m Design will take care of the details, and let you focus on growing your business. Contact us today for a quick quote.

The Next Level

Sometimes making the sale, requires maturity - that your business isn't a one time success, that you can and will do it again.

When does a small business become a mid-size business? When does a startup become an Enterprise? There may be no play for exactly when your business becomes mature, but along the way there are critical steps you will need to take:

  • Mature processes, work and customer support tracking. With many Open Source and and low cost web based options available, you can start bringing quality and predictability to your team and to your customers right now. For as little as $10, you can get started with a high quality commercial issue tracking tool.

  • Corporate knowledge, don't let your experience walk in...and out the door. Having an effective documentation system doesn't mean big budget over-run. You can use Open Source and low cost Wiki options right now to get virtually all the features of expensive corporate documentation systems. For the smallest companies you can get started for as little as $10 for a commercial, highquality wiki tool.

  • Reproducible software delivery, with so many options for Open Source software change control tools, there really is no reason to still be working on your application code in someone's home directory, or on a PC under someone's desk. Reduce your risk now and get started with a Source code Change Management (SCM) system.

  • Replication and backup, as good as any server might be, real-life happens, disks crash, data centers burn to the ground, or someone changes more than they thought. Your mission critical web sites should be destroyed by accidents that can be entirely avoided through replication of databases, and mirroring and backup of your applications and environment.

  • Build often and deliver with velocity. Is your software built with magic known only by a wizard who is about to retire? Move your builds to continuous build tools. Your software gets build transparently, often, and with better quality. With both Open Source and high quality low cost commercial options for continuous building of your software, you can get started right now, without the need for a massive budget.