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Your website has their attention, can you convert them into a sale?

Search Engine Optimzation (SEO)

When it comes to being seen on the web, how you rank in search engines matters and can matter a lot.

When was the last time you Googled for something? Probably sometime today, and your not the only one. Internet users everywhere turn to search engines like Google to quickly find what they need every day.

If you aren't easily seen within the first page of results for your area of expertise, many of these potential customers will never know you exist. Making sure your web site is properly indexed, analyzed and makes good use of the right keywords, is something we have the tools to help with.

Go further than just great keywords though; learn how you can analyze your website traffic and see patterns of usage, then sculpt your web site into a lead making machine!

E-Mail Marketing (not SPAM!)

Send the right email to the right customers.

We've all had the experience of having to wade through a flood of viagra and other unwanted email in our daily inbox. Yet, eMail sent to the right people with the right content, is still a great way to generate leads, keep your customers in the loop, and address a far larger audience than you could sitting by the phone.

We can enable you with custom code or drop in systems (both open source and commercial) to:

  • Include automatic sign up forms in your website

  • Bulk mail current customers with a single Button.

  • Edit, deliver and archive newsletters to your existing customers, and adhear to best practices and SPAM laws.

  • Automatically track the effectiveness of newsletters.

  • Automatically respond to email inquiries.

  • Create communities around electronic mailing lists

  • and more...

Strong email marketing can be much more th2an just SPAM, it can help you reach more customers, and multiply your potential audiance.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Converting leads to sales may not be easy, but we can give you tools and leverage.

Just like CMS packages, you now have many more options, you no longer need to build a CRM from scratch. Modern Ipen Source and commercial CRM systems are both cost effective and feature rich. As your business scales up, don't lose track of customers or fail to generate more sales from existing customers.

Invest in a CRM and maximize your customers. You may find that the investment is much smaller than you think. Commercial systems like InfusionSoft are highly cost effective, and Little m Design is an expert at integrating with InfusionSoft, whethor you want your WordPress blog to feed into InfusionSoft or you want a fully bi-directional data feed with your custom CMS, Little m Design can make it happen.

As an expert in creating custom content management systems (CMS), Little m Design can also design and build a CRM that is purpose build for your business needs. Want to keep in sync with your customers? Want to keep track of who is making commissions? Want to get more sales from existing customers? Want to automatically have customers tour daily, weekly or monthly markting campaigns? All this and more can be done with CRM systems

Pull it all together. Using off the shelf CRM and CMS packages, custom plugins, e-commerce gateways, membership databases, and remote offices, means you need to integrate. Leveraging our expertise in custom CMS design, and years of experience integrating web applications, Little m Design will help you create a seemless system that works for your customers and doesn't generate headaches for you.

Affiliate Marketing

Multiply your success by partnering with others. In theory - works great, in practice - partnering with other websites and allowing for reselling, driving traffic to you, or publicizing material to your network of affiliates can be a daunting chore.

Little m Design can integrate your CMS and CRM systems, web components like payment gateways and membership databases, and integrate with partners and they're software. Using purpose built, Open Source or commercial software, Little m Design can smooth the waters of creating an affiliate network and let you focus on sailing to success.