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Terms & Conditions

Some of these policies will not apply to you if your website is actually hosted by a 3rd party web hosting company (Little m Design is only doing web work for you). If your website is not stored on Little m Design servers, then you should also review the terms of service for your web hosting provider.

Please keep in mind that these terms of service are a minimum. Little m Design will work with you to exceed these terms of service whenever possible.

Applicable Use

Your website must be in compliance with Canadian and common law, with respect copyright, intellectual, trademark or other digital rights. If your website is not in compliance, a complaint has been brought against it, or law enforement has requested an investigation, Little m Design reserves all rights to remove or alter materials on or relating to your website. Further Little m Design reserves the right to suspend or cease service if deemed appropriate.

Your website is required to be a conventional website, and represent your business in a manner that is consistent and genuine. Using your website to resell storage space, as a torrent server, or to distribute adult or objectional materials is strictly prohibited. Little m Design reserves all rights to suspend or cease your service for non-complance.

eMail abuse, fraud or bulk email that falls outside the scope of legitimate marketing campaigns (SPAM) will not be tolerated. If any accounts owned by you are found to be the root cause of email abuse, your account may be suspended or service ceased.

You may not use your website to attack, probe or otherwise interfere with Little m Design operations, the operations of client web sties, or the operation of any 3rd party website. If an account owned by you is found to be actively conducting hacking, denial of service attacks or other fraudulent activity, your service may be suspended or ceased.

If your website has been 'cracked' and is being used by someone else, you will still be held liable. You are encouraged to always use strong passwords, not share your persnoal information widely, and contact us imediately if you suspect your website has been cracked.

Little m Design will co-operate fully with law enforcement officials, if a complaint or investigation is brought to our attention regarding your website.


Little m Design does not in general offer any kind of 24/7 support, or even regular office hours support via telephone. All clients are encouraged to use email, where a response time policy is defined, which Little m Design will ahear to. Telephone based support is highly subject to availabilty and response times to voice messages may vary greatly.

Little m Design will provide an initial response to all telephone or email based queries within 24 hours. This is not a resolution time, this is simply the first attempt to clarify or better understand the issue at hand. Once Little m Design responds, we will work with you to define a time frame for resolution that is appropriate to your business needs.

If you require 24/7 "high availability" support for short periods of time, (during product launch etc.), or you require immediate support with priority over all other Little m Design clients, you may purchase dedicated support at the rate of $80/hr.

In general Little m Design will make best effort to support products or assets you have purchased elsewhere, provide you with the fastest resolution times possible, and work to ensure that problems are clearly "root caused" and fully resolved, but offers no guarentee of resolution time or quality of solution.

Bandwidth & Storage

You agree to abide by the alotted amount of network traffic and disk space for your account. While some overage is allowed, if any account owned you is found to be well over your quota, you agree to pay any related costs incurred by overage. Little m Design reserves all rights to suspend or cease service to customers who consistently exceed they're quotas, further Little m Design reserves the right to throttle network traffic or remove materials from your website, when overage is involved.

If your website has been 'cracked' and is being used by an unauthorized person, you are still liable for overage charges. You should notify us imediately if you suspect your account is being used by unauthorized persons.


You may at any time cancel your web hosting service, regadless of the plan or package you purchased. Little m Design will not refund costs for lead in work, prototyping, graphic design, domain name purchases, purchase of 3rd party assets/services or any media asset that was created or produced. If you cancel your web hosting plan within 30 days of initial purchase, Little m Design will refund you the cost of the web hosting plan, less the cost of any of the above non-refundable assets.

To cancel a web hosting plan at any time, please use the Contact link in the footer below to contact us directly.

If your service is suspended or ceased, due to non-compliance with this agreement you will not be refunded in any way, and you will not hold Little m Deisgn liable for any costs or impacts to you, associated with the lack of service.

No refund will be offered in any manor due to changes in this agreement, which may be made without prior notice.


Little m Design invoices all clients on a monthly basis. All clients are expected to render full payment within 30 days of receiving an invoice. If you believe you need more flexible payment terms please contact us imediately. Little m Design reserves all rights to suspend or cease web hosting and related services, withhold assets, and lock accounts in the event of failure to render payment within 30 days.

Clients who arrange for late payment may have to pay additional late fees.

All payments must be made payable to "Little m Design".

Customers who fail to pay on time, and fail to make arrangements for late payments, may still (at the discretion of Little m Design) be allowed to continue if they are able to demonstrate goodwill. For example, paying down some portion of the oustanding invoice, within an agreed period.

Warranty & Limitations

You warrent that you are 18 years of age or older, you are financially responsible for your account, you will use Little m Design services only in a lawfull manner, and a manner that is consistent with your business, you have aquired any needed licenses or intellectual property rights for materials you place on your web site, and that your personal or financial information you have provided to Little m Design is genuine.

You grant Litte m Design a non-restrictive, royalty free license to use your web materials, intellectual property and trademarks within the scope of your web site, and during the term of your hosting plan, for the purpose of operating your web site, or to provide requested services such as web site design or deployment of applications. You further aggree to be solely liable for intellectual property rights and you completely indemnify Little m Design of any infringement claims made against your web site.

You grant Little m Design the right to display a "powered by Little m Design" web link in the footer of your website, at the discretion of Little m Design.

Little m Design accepts no responsibility for the content of your web site, or materials and cmomunication that may pass through it. You are further required to adhere to the Applicable Use policies above.

Little m Design assumes no liability for theft or destruction of web site materials, or impacts due to server downtime or failure to deliver an asset, service or bandwidth. Little m Design does not offer any guarentee of quality or fitness for purpose.

Little m Design does not guarentee any right of privacy. Materials on your website may be inspected to ensure compliance with this agreement, at any time by authorized personal.

Unless explicitly agreed to by Little m Design, you may not assign or otherwise transfer your hosting plan or pre-purchased web or graphic design hours. Further you may not assign or transfer your rights, obligations or duties under this agreement.

If some part of this agreement is found to be illegal or non-enforcable, it shall be severed, it shall not invalidate or disable any other parts, for the remainder of your term.

Little m Design reserves the right to deny anyone an account, if they are demed to be a risk. Further, Little m Design reserves the right to update these policies at any time, without prior notification or aggreement.