The Great Wall of Training

This past weekend I skated the 24 Hours Inline endurance event in Montreal. I will post a big report on that a little later when the detailed results come out. Quick summary; Our club owned the podium :)

While 24 is a great event, my focus this year is on NROC sanctioned marathons. So my training has all been focused on preparing for races such as the upcoming Chicago race. This year I’m not even doing provincials and nationals. This isn’t to say I’m completely off the track; when I can make it out to the track I get good hard session in. Without a car though its been really hard for me to line up track sessions. I still haven’t had a chance to try out Le Taz, although I’m supposed to coach a session there at the end of the month.

For now though, a long road of training lies ahead. The training update since last time:

DateWorkoutNotesWeight (lbs)Body Fat (%)
May 1817.10%
May 19
May 2010K (21:50)

10K (22:07)

10K easy skate
10K 70%

10K 70%

10K eash skate
May 21
May 2210K (21:17)

20K 5x1min @ 100%
10K 70%

Fartlek [ 5 x 1min @ 90%]
May 2341K
active recovery
May 24
DateWorkoutNotesWeight (lbs)Body Fat (%)
May 25
May 26[400m @ 100 x 5] x 2

24K hills at P8
10K was Aylmer track
May 27
May 28
May 2930k easy skate

May 3050k easy skate


May 3110/30 (2 of 4 sets)

pack skate
23K skate
DateWorkoutNotesWeight (lbs)Body Fat (%)
June 1
June 2Hill skate with P8 (sprints)

17.51K skate



June 340k fartlek
40.73K sakte
June 4
June 5
23k skate

easy skate

June 624 Hrs Inline

June 724 Hrs Inline

As with my last training update you can see that the volume isn’t really so big. Nothing like the mileage I was putting in last year or the previous year. But…and maybe this is a good thing; I don’t feel like I’ve peaked yet this summer. Usually just after 24hrs I reach my peak, and its hard to reach a second one in September for the big concluding events like Northshore.

So on one hand I’m a little disappointed that I’m skating as much volume, but at the same time I feel like I’m track for a bigger/better peak later in the season.

Still need to work the flab, the body fat percentage needs to come down. I’m working towards getting my weight down to 160lbs before Canada day. I think that is pretty much my race ready weight. Below that it feels tough to maintain and I’m not sure I keep enough muscle on below that weight. I am aiming to hit 160lbs though. The insurance companies believe I should be 166lbs, so if I can get the flab down and muscle up, I’ll be in good shape!

Left: circa '96 Right: today

Above you can see the progress I’ve made while taking on a skating/athletic lifestyle.  On the left is me around 1996.   On the right is a shot of me from 24 hrs this past weekend.  I’ve made a lot of progess, not just in terms of burning off calories, but in terms of changing my life style to be an athletic one.

I’ve always been a computer nerd and I never imagined myself as a skater, yet here I am!  I’m happy with my progress, but as I say I think my race ready weight is around 160lbs.  So a little bit of work needs to be done between now and July 1st (Canada Day marathon).

I think its worth noting that this progress did not just land in my lap, nor was it gained over night.  Its been an ongoing effort (struggle?) for many years.  Likely more to come as well.  So, if you are focused on weight loss through sports; great, go for it, but don’t get dis-heartened if you fail to shed 20lbs in a few months…it just doesn’t work like that.  If it goes off (to stay off), its about changing your lifestyle and slowly over time, dialing in a lower weight.

I’ve never found any quick fix that works.  The only thing that really works for me is good old fashioned regular exercise.   Just do it.  At the end of the day its a matter of callories in and callories out.  You need to be burning more than you are storing.

From here, my plan is to ramp up my training intensity and bring up the volume.  My focus is now solidly on the Canada Day marathon and after that on Chicago.  Haven’t decided yet on going to St Paul for the two middle distance races.  I’d like to try some of the other US races like Badger, but they are almost impossible for me to get to (since I can drive (since I’m really near-sighed (and like programming in lisp))).

Stay tuned…big 24hrs report coming soon…


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7 Responses to The Great Wall of Training

  1. Candy says:

    You’ve come a long way Mike and have every reason to be proud of your achievement. See you in Cambridge.

  2. Cor says:

    FYI, I meant to tell you on the weekend but I totally noticed the trimmed down effect. Gone is the belly from this winters indoor session. Now pass that effect onto me!!!

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  4. Brian (aka gopherfan) says:

    We did great at Montreal 24 hours, didn’t we? I’ll see you in Chicago and I’m working on getting to the Canada Day race. Maybe I can get dual citizenship? (ha, ha) Impressive what you’ve done. I’m setting my goal to finish in front of you one of these days. P.S. I go to lots of races. I don’t mind helping out with transportation when it works out.

  5. admin says:

    Brian, we will most assuredly be doing some racing together in Chicago. I’m still on the fence about St Paul, but I suspect I will be swayed :) Finishing in front is good, but lets do better, you can finish in front of me while we both finish in front of the NROC masters :)

  6. Alex says:

    Congrats Mike on your many achievements. I will be watching for even more impressive results. Cheers Alex♦

  7. admin says:

    Thanks Alex, sorry I’m not out at provincials/nationals this year, I’m working two jobs at the moment, and trying to keep up with that and training and traveling to marathons, and coaching/volunteering at the club…its all squeezed me hard, so this year I’m focused on just marathons. Next year I hope to be back on the track.

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