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I’m back from the Canada Day marathon, and I’m eager to blog about that, but I’ll hold off until the official results come out and people start posting pictures.  Until then, a little update on my training going into the Canada Day marathon.

DateWorkoutNotesWeight (lbs)Body Fat (%)
June 8
June 9
June 1024k skateFartlek
June 11
June 1260K skate

63.13K distance skate


June 13

June 1410k 18min 1sec (33.25kph)

10k 20min 6sec

37.92K skate w. parkway
DateWorkoutNotesWeight (lbs)Body Fat (%)
June 1523k skate
June 16[31k skate 5min x 2,

2min x 5,

1min x 10] all at 100%
31.93K hill skate at P8

*bad ass workout*
June 1742k skate

42.88K chasing bikes


June 18
June 19

June 20100k skate

P'tit Train
June 21

DateWorkoutNotesWeight (lbs)Body Fat (%)
June 2210k 20min 36sec (29.25kph)

500m x 8 (3min rest between)

26K skate

June 23
P8 easy skating
10k skate

June 2410k 20min 2sec (29.95)

500m x 7 (3min rest between)

36K skate

June 25
June 26

June 27
30k easy skate



June 2810K 19min 37sec (30.59kph)

In the weeks leading into Canada I’ve started trying to increase the difficulty level, adding 500m sprints into the traiing mix, and trying hard to get my 10k times down.  Its been going well, on the paths I’m close to getting into the 18min range, and on the parkways (good conditions) I’m close to hitting the 17min range.

Doing a quick 10k on the paths is not so easy :( You have to content with traffic intersections, kids, dogs (and their leashes), unfriendly cyclists, bodily fluids from dogs, ducks, gease and occasionally humans ;)   Add to that debris, sand and gravel, and its not exactly ideal conditions.  Still, my 10k on the paths is now down into the mid 19min range.  I fully expect to get into the 18min range on the paths.

Under good conditions on the Parkway (Sunday Bike Days), I’ve already done a low 18min and 17min and change should be very doable soon.  Thats getting into a respectable range for doing a 10k.   If I can get my 10k on the parkway down into the high 16min range before my planned peak in september, then I’ll be very happy.

My plan for upcoming training is to start using Sunday Bike Days to work the hills.    I want to do repetitions on Pink lake hill that will emulate what I would have to contend with in New York.  Last year I only got half way through the NY 100k before my body gave out.  I was sick at the time, but still, I want to go back and do it proper. :)   So this year, I want to start some serious hill training a lot sooner.

You can see from my log that I didn’t make my planned race weight for the Canada Day marathon.  My goal now is to get my body weight down to 160lbs for Chicago (July 25th).

Between now and then I’ll be adding more volume as well.

Before races (the week prior) I do let up a bit though, and try to make sure that by the day before the race, I’m eaither resting or doing very low volumne.  This doesn’t mean the intensity gets lower, just less volumn so that the body stays ready for a high level of intensity but is fully recovered for the race.  So in the days leading into the race, I dial down the volume but still try to do some intense stuff…just not a lot, so I have time to recover easily.

I’ve also done my first P’tit Train century (100km skate), was very good, they repaved some of the sections that had been getting worse last year.   Will definitely be doing more of those distance skates to work the old spare tire!

The other big focus I’m moving into now is technical, there are a lot of things that have been bothering me technically; what I see in pictures of myself and what I can feel when I skate.  I’ve been working trying three different styles of double push this year, one of them is the one I originally learned and the other two are aproaches that seem like they might offer advantages.  But so far I haven’t been able to get into a good groove with the oher two.  So, its time to get the camcorder out and do some honest feedback.    Getting yourself on video is never “fun”, but its the only way to really see whats going on.


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