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The Texas Road Rash race is now only a couple of days away and I’ve pretty much completed my early season preparation.    There has not been a lot of time to prepare outside but have managed to squeeze in a few kilometers.    The table below shows my outdoor skating  mileage from April 1st to April 14th over the past few years:


You can see that in 2007 I was pretty keen, since then I’ve started tuning things to be a little more sustainable and to focus more on interval workouts.   My hardest interval workout (the 10/30 workout) typically only consumes 20-26km.   Big distance is not always necessary :)

There is much more mileage to come though.   My previous mileage for the entire skating season:


This year my focus is on my ranking among the pro masters, and I will be focusing my workouts on intervals and sprinting.  I’ll be aiming for intensity over volume.  So I’m not expecting to have as big a mileage summary this year, but…I love skating distance, and I love burning fat, being able to go down a notch on belt always feel good :)

I am a little nervous about TxRR; the starting waves are not based on age so us masters will have to sit in with the seniors and try to find a pack we can hang on to.  I’m not familiar with everyone yet, but I do know some of the masters skaters and can recognize ones that I’m not close friends with.  My main strategy for this race will likely be to keep my eyes peeled for masters skaters that I know.   As long as I’m not in a separate pack from the guys I want to be with at the finish line, I think I’ll be ok.

This might be easier said than done though.  My 177km might pale in comparison to more southern skaters who haven’t been snowed in all winter.  Even without big mileage yet, I may still be ok.  With the pro waves the race is mostly about attacks and recovery, especially if the number of pro skaters is lower.   Most attacks are only about 30-40 seconds long, if I can survive a few of those, I should be able to hang on to my target pack.  My sprints were starting to feel good in my last 10/30 workout, so there is hope!

My flight leaves Ottawa Friday morning, I’ll be at TxRR with several Toronto skaters (Candy is doing a lot of the organizing, thanks Candy!).  We’re all planning to skate the elimination race on Saturday and then the real deal on Sunday.  I’ll post a full report when I get back.  I’m expecting to get some awesome BBQ while I’m there as well :)

If you are not revved up yet about the season, check out the first racing videos to be posted:

Now get out and skate!


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