Inglorious Basterd

Behind the the ol’ 8 ball.  Yep.  That’s where I am.  A tough winter all around.  A dicey transition from Nortel to Avaya, and months of work related anxiety and stress, then my best friend died, and that knocked me on my ass for a while, and as if that wasn’t enough distraction from training, I decided to take on not one but 3 side projects, 2 web related and one hard core C++ development for a start up.

Suffice it to say that my spare time (and motivation) for training completely disappeared for several months.  The result?  Not so good.  A 4month old baby, but not the kind that brings joy and wonder, the food baby kind that makes that last notch on your belt hurt.

But all is not lost, with some effort I should be able to put the food baby in the hurt locker and get back into race shape.  I will have to sacrifice some early season races that I was kind of hoping to attend.  The upside is that I’ll be trying to make it to some of the mid and late season races that I haven’t attended before.  So I’m definitely looking forward to some new experiences.

That said though, I do have some tough training ahead of me.  I’ve started a Pudge-O-Meter (left)  to track my progress towards race weight.  I’m I’m spinning up the training hours now to try and start getting the old calorie burner in shape.

Not everyone responds well to exercise, but fortunately I do, and I can drop weight easily enough, but it takes some serious sweating.  So, while the days ahead will not be super-happy-fun-awesome, they will be productive.  If character was built in times of plenty and easy riding, character wouldn’t be as interesting :)

Amidst all the negative vibes, there were some positives; a month or so ago, somebody tossed a 8ft circular mirror in the garbage downstairs (without a scratch on it).  They must have been re-decorating or something.  I took the opportunity to combine that with my slide board, and I now have a makeshift slideboard studio :) So rainy days will no longer be any excuse for going easy on the workouts!

On top of that, I’ve also started cross-training. Through the winter I’ve been running off and on and I now plan an additional goal of running a half-marathon this summer.  If as a skater you look down at runners because they do everything they can to exclude us from their events; step back a bit…politics aside, running is hard.  Doing a 10K run followed by an hour of solid skating will exhaust you.  If you want a challenge, give running a shot.  Don’t stop skating!  …but as cross-training running can be very effective, even when combined directly with your skating training.

Here in Ottawa the spring snow has cleared up early, and a light winter of snow means we do not have flooding on our riverside paths, which in turn means I can skate earlier outdoors.  I’ve already done a 35K road skate with skating pal Dan Thompson, and now its time to really get my road wheels going again.

Of the several years I’ve been skating this is far from my best training start to the season, and in fact a pretty humble start.  As they say though, things can only get better :)


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3 Responses to Inglorious Basterd

  1. Bill in Houston says:

    Hi Michael. Sounds like business has been good.

    Good to see you posting again. Great post. Some people would hide away until they get back to whatever weight/condition they consider okay. It’s great that you are sharing with and inspiring other people.

    Hey, what happened with Cor? He hasn’t posted in a while and seemed to be pretty frustrated in his last one. I liked his posts because they were so random. His observations on any of the 5 sports he is serious about. Anyway, not looking for anything secret. Just hoping he’s okay. You can just e-mail to the account I entered rather than replying to this comment, if you like.

    I guess you won’t be at the Road Rash, but maybe we’ll cross paths later in the season.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Bill, haven’t heard anything in particular, but I know Cor went to Mexico with the gang for spring training (on skates) so I’m sure he’s still into skating. Are you on Facebook? He follows that more than blogs I think, trying pinging him on FB.

    Yeah, unfortunately I have to hold off on racing for a bit, I’m way off the conditioning necessary at this point. Working hard to get back in shape though. I”ll definitely be at the Chicago race, and I’m hoping to do that new version of Big Granite on the island, and there are some other new races as well (New York in June I think). Should be a fun summer! See you at the races!

  3. Bill in Houston says:

    Thanks, Michael. I see that he has posted some stuff recently. Mexico looks like fun, doesn’t it? Anyway, thanks for the info and I hope you are doing well.

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